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Why InfoDao was created for?

The information is presented to all citizens of the different nations of the world in various formats. While we can choose from several sources, we are always subject to falling into misinformation due to any of the following factors:
-Ideological bias: The media has an editorial bias and we tend to give it credibility by the criterion of authority or tradition.
-Lack of validation: The author professes an ideology similar to that which one possesses and by the criterion of logical coherence, the audience/lectors do not contrast it.
-Ideological conductivity: While it is entirely logical for each author to express his/her opinion, and even try to extend his/her ideals to others; doing so through the usage of false data and/or misrepresentations, that is something immoral from the collective point of view, and unfortunately, very common in the world nowadays.

What we are?

InfoDAO is a new streaming decentralized platform for information difussion,designed to provide professional information on all fields, with the aim of approaching to 100% objectivity and penalizing erroneous information as well as misinformation.

A platform that does not own any content on it. It simply offers its users the possibility to inform to others and receive an income in exchange based on their generated visits and their social impact. More than 80% of the generated revenue (mainly by advertising, or sponsorship but only if the author wishes) by each content creator will be received by themselves in the form of a profit directly on their wallets.

How it works

Allows copywriters, reporters, and other content creators to start working for themselves, without any biased guidelines, totally free, on a common platform whereby by its computer mechanisms, censorship can not be applied.

Content creators have it easier when it comes to generate reputation for themselves, since the own platform provides them the audience.

The content creators themselves are the ones who compete on their professionalism among them on a common platform , that seeks to attract audience in the entire world.

The validation process of the content created by the authors is unique and innovative, as well as a guarantor of informative veracity. The content creators themselves, together with validators who are experts in their respective fields, evaluate each news story with a system of economic benefits and penalties, which incentivizes the creation of only truthful content. 

The audience actively participates in the news cycle. Although the audience does not validate the content, it does generate interactions (Comments, likes, etc.) that produce statistics that can vary the monetization or visibility of the news. In addition, the audience can choose their degree of engagement on the platform, allowing them to earn tokens.

The platform belongs to its community. The parameterizations of all its algorithms, as well as the validation mechanisms can be modified by votes of its own users, whether they are content creators, validators or audience.
Info DAO IS NOT a private company, it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization supported by a foundation, a priori, with the possibility of evolving in some other directions.

Explaining InfoDAO

InfoDAO, explaining the concept and basic characteristics of the platform

InfoDAO, How the information validation process works?

InfoDAO, clarifying essential questions about the platform

InfoDAO, where is the content stored? how this grants that it could not be censored?

About the community

InfoDAO allows any content creator to target the entire audience in the world; both to expose the daily written press, opinion columns, political, scientific, historical reports, podcasts, etc. 

Each of the sections has different regulations regarding passing the validation process. These regulations will be approved by voting by the members of the platform themselves periodically.

Virtually any decision about the operation of the platform will be subject to a vote among the tokenholders (i.e. users who acquire tokens from the limited supply).

The consensus algorithm "Dumped-weighted proof of stake" provides greater governance to the tokenholders who accumulate the most, but with a maximum cap, which will prevent the conversion of the platform into an oligarchy. 

Access to web and app

Browser and app version optimized for Android/iOS (coming soon)


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